1) Can you fly anywhere? There is a lot of airspace but there is also airspace restricted to airlines and airports. These locations are off limits.

2) How high can you fly? Up to 120m

3) How long can you be in the air for? Our drones have enough battery packs to fly up to 45 minutes. We also have a field charger to charge batteries, should we need more time.

4) How long can you record for? Until the battery or memory runs out. If we have a laptop, we can move data from the drone to the PC and allow for further recording. Lower resolution video will enable much more video recording.

5) How long have you been flying for? Over 3 years as a drone racer and aerial photographer.

6) Are you insured? Yes we are, up to $100,000 public liability.

7) Are there any others rules I should know about?

Please be aware of the below restrictions and rules our operator must adhere to:

  • Line of sight flight only
  • Daylight Hours only
  • No higher than 120m
  • No flight within 5.5km of any airports and controlled aerodomes
  • 30 metres away from people
  • No flying above populous areas(roads, parks, beaches)
  • Weather affects a drones performance, we need to ensure conditions are safe

8) Do you offer better rates than advertised for smaller work? Please contact us, we’re happy to cater to any small jobs. Let us know your requirements.

Skytech Drones reserves the right to use photos taken, by our operators, on our website and on our Instagram unless prior notice is given and agreed upon.