SKYTECH Drones Aerial Photography, a private company operating out of Sydney, which promises to produce and deliver such quality photographs and videography through the use of DJI Drones.

With SKYTECH Drones, customers are able to choose from a range of offers including: Private use for events such as parties and weddings, Real-Estate use to provide HD quality photographs and 4K resolution photos and video of properties, Insurance inspections for buildings covering the roof, solar panels, gutters and power cables. Further to property inspection, SKYTECH Drones can provide photos of rural properties, clearly showing dam levels, fencing integrity, crop condition etc. Also on offer is promotional content for small businesses which range from commercial advertisements to social media content.

SKYTECH Drones does not have limitations and, with a simple request, an arrangement can be made at your convenience. We’re sure we have what it takes to meet your needs.

SKYTECH Drones’ pilot is constantly undergoing hours of practice to ensure safe and reliable flights. SKYTECH Drones’ fleet will expand with business growth and are confident in catering to all requirements.

CASA is the governing body for drone use in Australia. SKYTECH Drones will operate under all CASA rules.

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